COVID-19 & KISD---Wednesday, 3/18/2020 Update

Hello Kilgore Bulldog parents, staff members, and community.  This is Andy Baker with your Kilgore Schools and today is Wednesday, March 18.  I know everyone is anxious to know more about what’s going on here in Kilgore ISD in regards to our current public health situation.  Please remember that this situation is absolutely unprecedented, and continues to be a rapidly changing and evolving situation for our state, Kilgore ISD, and our Bulldog families.  As a result, please remember that there are many, many more questions right now than answers and I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work through this.  I’ve got 3 very quick things for you today via this phone message.

  1.  Food Service
  2. This week our meal service will continue for all our community children and adults who might need a meal.  We are here 11-1 at both our Middle school campus and our high school campus for drive-up, curbside “brown bag” service.
  3. Beginning next Monday, March 23rd…our cafeteria meal service will change to only serve our Kilgore ISD community children ages 18 and under.  This new meal service will continue to be provided from 11-1 at both our middle school and our high school campuses.  Next week’s meals for our community children 18 and under will continue to be FREE of charge, and will also be served in a curbside, ‘brown bag’ service.  Again, beginning Monday, March 23rd…Kilgore ISD’s food service will be available FREE of CHARGE to all of our Kilgore community children ages 18 and under. 


  1. Kilgore ISD video updates
  2. Tomorrow, through our District and campus-level social media, we will send out a link to the first of many upcoming video news updates to help keep our Bulldog families as informed and up to date as possible as to what is occurring here in our school district


  1. Lastly, after meeting with the Texas Education Agency today at 3:00 pm, I have made the decision to close our Kilgore ISD school buildings for our students for next week, March 23 – 27.  During the upcoming school closure period
  2. please understand that while our students will not be attending school in our buildings and campuses, Kilgore ISD will begin providing “at home education services” for each of our students. 
  3. Each of our campus teachers and administrators has been busy this week creating some starting point lessons and activities that our students will be expected to work through and complete while at home.
  4. Parents and students, please be expecting a social media message tomorrow containing a link to our new video update that will provide a much more thorough and detailed explanation of how this initial “at home education service” will work.         

Again, Kilgore ISD will remain closed to students for next week March 23 – 27th.  Please be expecting another message tomorrow from us that will provide a more thorough and detailed explanation of how our initial “at home education service” will begin. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this.  KILGORE PROUD!