KMS Winners Announced - Northeast Texas Poetry in Schools Contest

Carter Williams won 3rd place among 6th grade contestants for her poem, I Am Me.
I am a lightbulb
RUNNING out o time
shining bright for all to see.
I live the life of a sparrow,
unique and bold
forming a statement.
I am a partly-cloudy day,
happy or sad, unexpecting
I will be
I am me.
Chatty and short,
funny and weird.
I am me,
somebody I am.
I am me
Ziyun Tang won 2nd place for 7th grade for her poem, The Fall to Obscurity Rebirthed.
This is the time of year
When summer's burning light
Is soothed by a pre-winter breeze...
It starts with green, of life,
But also of deceit,
Covering the undoings of character.
Doubt and misery
Darkness and mistake
Weak is yellow
With its parasitic ways
Leaching the courage you thought you possessed,
Leaving only emptiness.
The sunset is orange, a dying day.
The failure of fire,
Jaded, desperate.
Hoping against hope for a better tomorrow.
Red is the cause of sacrifice and pain.
Ruthless and remorseless
An iron will to survive.
To be the last to die.
The freshly spilt blood, once invisible,
Is now displayed in brown.
As leaves complete
Their twisted flight down,
As their voices are drowned.
Come winter, all will be numbed by white.
The fallen will be forgotten.
Come spring, what lay below
Will nourish a new false hope.