Kilgore Middle School

News and Announcements

KMS House Meetings

Here are a few highlights from this morning's House Meetings. Will the House Celebration for the first 9 Weeks be awarded to Imperium, Optimista, Kupa'a, or Corragio?
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The Cactus Cafe

The Cactus Cafe is a coffee cart run by Mrs. Tapler's 7th and 8th Grade students. They take coffee orders, make coffee, and deliver to teachers at KMS. This learning project provides students with community-based experiences in money math, social skills, vocational skills, and customer service. The proceeds earned go towards field trip admissions.
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Seventh Graders Participate in the Brookshire's Store Project

Seventh graders participated in the Brookshire's store project. The students pictured had the most profitable business. They re-sold Propel to their classmates and earned $105.20. All 7th graders participated in the grocery store project by having an item to resale in the store, as well as by being consumers. Students learned how to find unit rate, balance a check book, and find tax on a purchase.
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Sixth Grade Launch Project

On Friday, Mitch Lucas, the sports writer for the Kilgore News Herald, came and spoke with KMS 6th grade honors students. In math, they are computing the statistics of fantasy football players each week as a Launch project. In writing, they will compose a sports article over their players and how they are doing in the league. Mr. Lucas came to explain that in his job at the newspaper, he uses both math and writing skills everyday. He even brought a preview of Saturday morning’s front page!
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KMS Administrators Discover Their House

Kilgore Middle School's administrator's discovered which House they would belong to this morning. Mrs. Cox will be in the house of Corragio, Mr. Hamner will be in the house of Optimista, Mrs. Haralson will be in the house of Kupa'a, and Mr. Stagner will be in the house of Imperium!
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