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S.W.A.M. Parent Info

Students With Assignments Missing
In an effort to ensure that all students are successfully completing and turning in work at KMS, students will stay after school to complete any missing assignments for each subject. This time will be provided for each subject and will take place after school from 3:30 - 4:30 each afternoon - Monday - Thursday. Teachers will place students on the SWAM list by Thursday afternoon each week and fill out a SWAM form for each student. This form will be sent home with the student so that you, as the parent, will be aware of the dates your child will need to stay after school. This will allow time to make plans for pick-up on the days your child needs to stay. You will be responsible for your child’s transportation home on these days. The subject rotation schedule is below.

Monday - Social Studies
Tuesday - ELA
Wednesday - Math
Thursday - Science
Details to Know...

*All students who attend after school practices will need to attend SWAM before going to practice if they have received a SWAM form.

*If students fail to attend SWAM, they will be assigned to detention on Friday after school and each teacher is expected to provide the detention supervisor with the work that students will need.

*If students do not show up for detention, this will result in a referral. Principals will then contact parents, and students will not be allowed to attend pep rallies, dances, etc. until all zeros are turned in.