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Welcome to the Kilgore Orchestra web page! Our goal is to instill in our students a strong work ethic, a sense of determination, accountability, and self-discipline as these are essential to true success in any facet of life. We want for the orchestra students to experience a sense of pride and success that can only be achieved through diligence and hard work.
The orchestra provides numerous opportunities for success through concerts and various other performances as well as contests both as groups and as individuals. Orchestra students wishing to continue in their musical endeavors after high school through scholarship auditions or performing at collegiate and professional levels will be offered the tools to do so should they choose to make that effort.
 The success of the orchestra depends on the success of the students. As the Kilgore orchestra directors, we ask you the students, the parents, and the community to join us in "Making a difference, whatever it takes!" Help us to make these students' orchestra experience a successful and rewarding one!