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2015-2016 UIL Achievements

Congratulations to the students who participated in this year's UIL competition.  Your hard work and dedication helped earn a 2nd place ranking for KMS.
One Act Play - 2nd Place
Cast and Crew Members: Jaylyn Ballard, Ciara Hopper, Kysiah Sept, Lexus Harrington, Madison Celley, Blaine McNeese, Patrick Langley, Bailey Hammer, Jade East, Sara Freehling, Rachel Bowman, Justiss Ross, A'Viana McIntyre, Teresa Medina, Charidee Johnson, Josie Bailey, Trinity Bradshaw, Lily Doss, Hailey Estrada
Crew Awards: Trinity Bradshaw and Hailey Estrada
Honorable Mention All-Star Cast: Madison Celley and Ciara Hopper
All-Star Cast: Lexus Harrington and Kysiah Sept
Oral Reading - Prose
6th place - Christian Estrella
Ready Writing
6th Grade: 4th place - Cason Cox
7th Grade: 2nd place - Payton Berger; 3rd place - Emma Taylor
8th Grade: 1st place - Lauren Bryant; 3rd place - MacKenna Watkins; 5th place - Jade East
Maps, Graphs, and Charts
6th Grade: 4th place - Ethan Drury; 3rd place team tie - Ethan Drury, Ryan Beddingfield, Brentlee Roberts
7th Grade: 4th place - Cerenity Exline
8th Grade: 3rd place - Kristal Loredo; 3rd place team - Anna Watley, Kaden Clark, Kristal Loredo
Impromptu Speaking
6th Grade: 5th place - Katherine Shupe; 6th place, Skye Cotton
7th Grade: 1st place - Brooklyn Hall
Editorial Writing
6th Grade: 2nd place - Marlie Holland
7th Grade: 4th place - Idaira Castillo
8th grade: 2nd place - Ziyun Tang; 3rd place - Dayton McElyea
Modern Oratory
6th Grade: 3rd place - Andon Mata
7th Grade: 4th place - Cristina Rosas
8th Grade: 2nd place - Katy Edens
6th Grade: 1st place - Brandelyn Cochran; 6th place - Analyse Thomas; 2nd place team - Brandelyn Cochran, Mackenzie Monts, Analyse Thomas, Whitney Hunt
7th Grade: 4th place - Estrella Martinez; 3rd place team - Estrella Martinez, Alicia Lagunes, Samantha Linkinhoker, Kace Murphy
8th Grade: 1st place - Ziyun Tang; 2nd place - Daisy Salazar; 6th place - Anushka Pradhan; 3rd place team - Ziyun Tang, Daisy Salazar, Anushka Pradhan, Jasa Saxton
6th Grade: 4th place - Carter Boone; 5th place - Madison Donovan; 2nd place team - Carter Boone, Madison Donovan, Andon Mata
7th Grade: 6th place - Tania Montes
8th Grade: 3rd place - MacKenna Watkins; 4th place - Lexus Harrington; 5th place - Kaden Downing; 1st place team!
6th Grade: 1st place - Adrian Herrera; 3rd place - Carter Boone; 5th place - Jared Rich; 1st place team!
7th Grade: 3rd place - Trent Runions; 3rd place team - Trent Runions, Dylan Venable, Kace Murphy
Dictionary Skills
6th Grade: 1st place - Sofia Gomez; 2nd place team - Sofia Gomez, Landen Hagaman, Brentlee Roberts
8th Grade: 6th place - Kaden Clark
Listening Skills
6th Grade: 3rd place - Ainsley Potter
7th Grade: 6th place - Mary Bess Mercer
8th Grade: 1st place - Ivan Moran; 5th place - Kaleigh Sammons; 1st place team - Ivan Moran, Kaleigh Sammons, MacKenna Watkins
6th Grade: 6th place - Cason Cox; 3rd place team - Cason Cox, Madison Donovan, Ethan Drury
8th Grade: 3rd place - Ivan Moran; 5th place - Ziyun Tang; 3rd place team - Ivan Moran, Ziyun Tang, Ciara Hopper
Number Sense
6th Grade: 6th place - Andon Mata; 2nd place team - Andon Mata, Ethan Drury, Riley Rios
7th Grade: 5th place - Idaira Castillo; 3rd place team - Idaira Castillo, Tania Montes, Cerenity Exline
8th Grade: 1st place - Ziyun Tang; 4th place - Ivan Moran; 1st place team - Ziyun Tang, Ivan Moran, Carl White
Science 1
7th Grade: 2nd place - Cerenity Eline; 5th place - Luis Campos; 6th place - Ciara Guyton; 1st place team!
8th Grade: 6th place - Lexus Harrington
Social Studies
6th Grade: 6th place - Carter Boone; 3rd place team - Carter Boone, Savannah Nezat, Tanner Bonnette
7th Grade: 6th place - Trent Runions
8th Grade: 4th place - Ivan Moran; 2nd place team - Ivan Moran, Lexus Harrington, Karson Gee
6th Grade: 1st place - Thomas Hattaway; 3rd place - Shanna Cassayuran; 5th place - Malorie Hensley; 1st place team!
7th Grade: 6th place - Ciara Guyton; 3rd place team - Ciara Guyton, Sarah Kosel, Cerenity Exline
8th Grade: 1st place - Ziyun Tang; 1st place team - Ziyun Tang, Cameron Jackson, Dezerai Allred